Reading and Toys, 2012-10-19

Reading and Toys, 2012-10-19

Horrifying. It seems that anti-gay groups are very much anti-children (e.g., first Catholics and now Boy Scouts). Maybe somebody should be compiling reports on all those church camps that happen throughout the year.

This is my favorite weather app. It runs on OS X and iOS. Weather apps on iOS are difficult, and I can’t say that this one knocks it out of the park, but it’s very good. It’s my go-to app for seeing what’s happening.

If you’re like me and use crontab for scheduled jobs, Lingon might seem unnecessary. However, it’s a great little utility for running things automatically. You can schedule things to run at specific times (like crontab) or when something special happens (unlike crontab, e.g., keep it running, when a voume is mounted). It’s $3 and very cool.

“You knew from the very first question, when Raddatz asked, directly and specifically, about the Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, that she was going to steer the debate toward substantive issues and demand specific answers.” – I didn’t watch all of the debate because baseball was happening. But from what I saw, Raddatz was killing it.

“As far as anyone seems to know, this is the first 3D-printed acoustic guitar on the planet, and it raises all kinds musical possibilities.”