Excluding Backblaze From Spotlight

Excluding Backblaze From Spotlight

I was recently complaining on Twitter about a disk trashing issue on my iMac. I mentioned that the issue pre-dated installation of Backblaze, so I didn’t think it was the issue. The next morning, Backblaze responded to me on Twitter (even though they were only mentioned in the conversation once, so this is kind of great service):

Backblaze's Twitter Response

The expanded URL of that link leads to this page, which explains in very simple terms how to exclude the /Library/Backblaze folder from Spotlight. The only problem is that there is no /Library/Backblaze folder. Look:

Backblaze in /Library

Spotlight won’t let you add this file. I opened a ticket with Backblaze, and here’s the explanation of how to add it.

If you right click on the Backblaze.bzpkg and select a quick look, then close it, the choose button should be lit up with the Backblaze.bzpkg selected. It seems odd, but it works.

So, in System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy, browser to /Library, then right click on Backblaze.bzpkg to get this:

Right Click on Backblaze.bzpkg

Choose Quick Look to open this window:

Backblaze Quick Look

Close that window and, sure enough, you can now select Backblaze.bzpkg.

Backblaze Excluded in Spotlight

Again, none of this was related to the disk thrashing issue, but excluding Backblaze from Spotlight is a good idea regardless.

Thanks to the Backblaze guys for the terrific (and unsolicited) suppport.