My Backup System

My Backup System

Everything I care about is on my iMac. It has a 1TB hard drive and currently has about 200GB free. I have 2 USB drives. One is 2TB and the other is 1TB.

The 2TB is partioned as follows:

  1. SuperDuper - 1TB; and
  2. Movies - 1TB

I keep my movies, managed by iTunes, on the Movies partition. Everything else lives on the iMac.

I use SuperDuper! to maintain a bootable backup of the iMac on the SuperDuper partion.

Obviously, there are issues with this. If the iMac hard drive dies, I can boot to the USB. But if the USB drive dies, I lose my movies. And that’s where the other 1TB USB drive comes into play. I use SuperDuper! to make sure the 1TB USB drive is an exact duplicate of the Movies partition. I have SuperDuper! scheduled to run nightly. Using the smart backup feature, both backups run in less than 30 minutes.

So I have a bootable backup of my iMac and a backup of my movies. I also have an old Dell running Debian Linux. I have a cronjob that runs nightly and rsyncs my iTunes music library, as well as my mobile apps, to it.

I also use Backblaze (affiliate link). For $5.00 per month, I have an almost-complete offsite backup of my iMac. It’s stupid easy to setup and configure. Remote backups happen automtically and I never have to think about it.

Eventually I’ll buy a small USB drive and use SuperDuper! to back up my Macbook Air. And then, for an additional $5.00 per month, I can have it backed up remotely with Backblaze as well. And once that happens, I’m about as golden as it gets.