Bartender - A Short Review

Bartender - A Short Review

I cannot recommend Bartender enough. I want to hug it. Its whole purpose is to tidy your menu bar. That statement alone should send you running to buy the thing.

Here’s a shot of my menu bar without Bartender running:

Menu bar without Bartender

That’s not too shabby, but it’s messier than I’d like. I use all of the stuff in my menu bar, but I don’t access most programs often enough to justify the clutter. Here’s a shot of my menu bar with Bartender running:

Menu bar with Bartender

Much better! Notice the icon of the dude in the bowtie. That’s Bartender. When I click on that icon, Bartender displays the icons I’ve hidden.

Menu bar with Bartender active

The gear icon on the lower right will take you to the preferences which are stupid easy to configure. There’s more to it than this, but since this is just a short review, we’ll it end it here. Bartender is currently in beta and if you buy it now, it’s only $7.50. Once the beta period ends, the price goes up to $15.00. I recommend you buy it now, but even at $15.00 it’s a steal.