Donna Summer 1948 - 2012

Donna Summer 1948 - 2012

Before 1978, she had 5 gold albums but still hadn’t broken through in a big way. But in 1978, on the Casablanca label and following KISS’s huge success with Alive and Alive II, she released Live and More. And her life changed forever.

As did the landscape of music in America.

She was dubbed The Queen of Disco, a label she would never shed and eventually come to embrace. The 80’s were hard on her, she was almost non-existent in the 90’s, and she only released one album in the 00’s, 2008 to be exact. It was her first album of original material since 1991 and it was to be her last. It peaked in the US at 17.

I danced my ass off to Donna Summer throughout the late 70’s. She was everywhere. You couldn’t escape her. Last Dance was gigantic. Hot Stuff was undeniable. It was smooth moves on the dance floor, pounding beats in your chest, and sweat all night long.

She arrived at the right time with the right sound and she was fantastic. She was part of Casablanca’s amazing rise to insane riches and was there to see it’s fabulous decline. She wrote songs with Neil Bogart, for crying out loud. She took the stage with explosive grace and left us just as suddenly.

Right or wrong, she was the face of Disco. Along with Blondie, KC and the Sunshine Band, and the Village People, she defined an era.

And now she’s gone.

Long live the Queen.

The Disco Queen.