MLB at Bat 12 Lands

MLB at Bat 12 Lands

Clayton Morris has an in-depth look at the app. And Dave is almost girlishly excited.

Frankly, I am too. Dave and I talked about this and the upcoming season extensively the other night. I think that’s our first phone conversation since the ‘11 World Series. Just to let you know how girly we got, witness this conversation after I hung up:

**Wife:** Who were you geeking out about baseball with on the phone?
**Me:** Dave.
**Wife:** *nods knowingly and goes back to watching TV*.

I haven’t been able to pay much attention to baseball for two years. In 2010 I was preparing for the CISSP exam. In 2011 I was moving to San Antonio. But this year I’m watching some frigging baseball. I subscribed to tonight, downloaded the app, configured it, and dropped that sucker in my iPad’s dock.

In the dock.

I plan to spend an absurd amount of time watching baseball, working my way through Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide, drinking beer, cursing and laughing long and hard. I’ve been working toward this Spring for far too long.

Baseball is coming and I can’t wait.