Speculation on the Microsoft Office for iPad Rumor

Speculation on the Microsoft Office for iPad Rumor

Speculation on the Microsoft Office for iPad Rumor

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but if Microsoft does get a demo slot on stage during the iPad 3 keynote, Microsoft would be getting much more out of it than Apple.

I disagree. Apple is seen primarily as a consumer product company and not a business product company. The biggest complaint I hear, day in and day out (and I work in an educational institution), is that Apple products are not ready for prime time in the business environment. This, despite the fact that probably 50% of our desktop and 95% or our mobile growth is all Apple.

It’s horse shit. You know it. I know it. Everybody outside of “omg if it’s not Microsoft we can’t support it” IT knows it. But it’s a perception and perception is reality. What Microsoft says is proper is perceived as the law. Until we (Apple evangelists) can correct this perception, we must charge this same hill forever. Forever. And until the perception is corrected, we’ll keep losing. It’s been often said, and rightly so, nobody was ever fired for choosing a Microsoft solution. And if you think upper management, the guys who write the checks, don’t have this tattooed somewhere on their body, you’re nuts.

This is my reality. Welcome. Have a seat. And keep your alcohol close. You’ll need it.

Apple having Microsoft on the stage, presenting Office for the iPad, would be seen as a major business endorsement for the iPad. Microsoft has been pushing tablet computing for how long? Years. And they’ve yet to make any headway with it. Now Microsoft is suddenly writing applications for the iPad?

How can anyone not see, from a business perspective, how big this would be?

Rightly or wrongly, Microsoft is business in many corners of IT. Showing up on Apple’s stage with Office for the iPad would be huge.

It would change the landscape.