Purchases New And Old

Purchases New And Old

I finally broke down and purchased Path Finder. I’ve been using it for a while now on an old license from a job I no longer have. I know. Evil. I get it. But I’ve made good now. I’ve come clean and laid my money down.

Path Finder went from meh to indispensable while I was coding this site. The tabs don’t appear that handy until you get used to them and they’re not there. The tabs alone are worth the purchase. But there’s so much more. So much more. Hit their website and watch the screencast. Download it and give it a trial run. They have an unlimited 30 day trial. If you’re not more productive after 30 days, you’ve lost nothing and can go back to Finder and its multiple-window-hell. But if you love it like I do, it’ll change your life. (And the little drop-down terminal window is so cute.)

I also purchased Hibari, yet another Twitter client. I’ve been alternating between TweetDeck and the standard OS X Twitter app for a few months now. I’m not a big Twitter user. Frankly, most of my tweets are merely announcements that I’ve posted a new article here. But I’m almost always there. I may not be talking, but I’m listening. After using Hibari for a few days, I knew I was going to buy it. It’s simple, easy, and feels like a real Mac application. So tonight I bought it.

And after reading Macdrifter’s recent post on Fever, I suddenly remembered that I used to use Fever a lot. However, with the recent move (that stretched out far longer than anyone imagined possible or necessary), and me still not having all of my computers up and running, etc., etc., … somewhere along the way, I just installed NetNewsWire and went with it. Anyway, last night I reconfigured my old Fever domain, installed the software, imported my OPML file from Google Reader, and boom. Fever is back. It’ll take me a few days to weed through my feeds and determine which are sparks and which are kindle. And it’s a huge change in my workflow that’ll make things interesting for a while. But it’s good to have Fever back.

Now I need to weed through the multiple markdown editors that are clogging up my to do list. That’s gonna take a while. And the funny thing is, I’ll probably spend hours and hours trying different things only to wind up right back where I’m at: TextMate and Marked. Still, Phraseology, Byword, and MultiMarkdown Composer look very interesting. Especially Phraseology.

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