Day One 14 Days After

Day One 14 Days After

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Day One: 14 Days After

So far I’m happy with Day One. I’m running it on 2 iMacs, a MacBook Air, an iPad, and an iPhone. Making new entries is incredibly easy, and the command line utility has been tremendously helpful.

I still have issues where the command line utility ignores the specified time. For example, the following example may or may not honor the time:

echo “This is a test.” | dayone -d=”02/04/2011 5:30PM” new

Maybe it’s entered as 5:30PM or maybe it defaults to 12:00AM. It’s a crapshoot. This happens regardless of which system it’s run on. I emailed Day One about 2 weeks ago (shortly after I purchased the app) and haven’t heard back. I wrote a script that logs my Twitter activity to Day One. It usually works but occasionally will post every tweet at 12:00AM. Overall, this hasn’t been a show stopper but it’s something I have to keep my eye on.

Cloud sync is weird. Entries I make on the iMac will immediately appear on the MacBook Air and vice versa. However, entries seemingly appear at random on my iPhone. I haven’t verified it, but I think I need to quit the app on the iMac/Air before it fully syncs to iCloud, thereby syncing to the iPhone. Or maybe it has something to do with 3G vs. WiFi. I need to test this further. I’ve considered migrating to Dropbox to see if the sync happens in a more predictable manner.

Still, I’m journaling more than ever, so Day One has absolutely boosted my productivity. As such, weirdness aside, I’m very happy with it. After all, the entire point is writing more. On that front, it’s kicking ass.