That JC Penny Ad Sucks

That JC Penny Ad Sucks


Later in his presentation he noted that JCP generated 590 unique mail promotions during 2011, coaxing recipients to make just four visits to JCP. That means the customer is ignoring 99 percent of the promotions, Johnson said. “Steve would have called this insanity,” he added. “At some point, you as a brand look desperate.


In a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Penney said “we’re not interested in being the biggest store or the flashiest store. We want to be your favorite store.”

Emphasis added on both.

I wish Ron Johnson the best at JC Penney and I think hiring him was very smart. But that new JC Penney commercial, where people are continually screaming no at the top of their lungs, is currently my #1 hated commercial of the year. It’s annoying, distracting, and makes me never want to visit JC Penney. Ever.

Repeatedly screaming no makes you look desperate. And it’s most likely not the fast track to any consumer’s heart. Unless you’re hell-bent on wooing the Walmart crowd, loud and obnoxious is not the way to go.

I expected something classier, or at least less teeth-grindingly awful, from someone coming from Apple.