Symantec PCAnywhere Users at Increased Risk

Symantec PCAnywhere Users at Increased Risk

Symantec: pcAnywhere Users at Increased Risk

According to Symantec, all pcAnywhere 12.0, 12.1 and 12.5 customers are facing increased risk as a result of a 2006 source code theft that also impacted older versions of several Norton products. Users of earlier versions of pcAnywhere are also at risk as well, the company said.

“What we’re actually asking customers to do is, first, upgrade to pcAnywhere 12.5 and make sure all the updates available are installed,” Symantec spokesperson Brian Modena told SecurityWeek today.

Earlier this week, the company released an advisory about a critical flaw in its pcAnywhere product and issued a hotfix to address the issue. According to Symantec, versions of pcAnywhere are susceptible to local file tampering elevation of privilege attempts and remote code execution, making it possible for a successful attacker to run arbitrary code on a targeted system.

Read the whole article if you use PcAnywhere. At the office, when we first received the advisory, we blocked it at the firewall. Internal scans reported very few people had the software installed, which surprised me. I guess it’s not the ’90s any more.

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