Jumping To Day One

Jumping To Day One

Since my recent farewell to MacJournal, I’ve done a lot of reading and research. Following Brett Terpstra’s lead, I’m jumping to Day One. Using Brett’s scripts, I can now make entries from either the command line, LaunchBar, or the Day One interface on my Macs, and also make entries from my iPhone and iPad when necessary. All for less than $15.00.

The iCloud sync worked out of the box for me. Of course, I had relatively nothing to sync other than a few test entries. However, I’ve tested entries from all devices and using all methods, and all I can say is this stuff works. Updates on the iPhone or iPad appear on my desktop and laptop. Command line entries from my laptop appear on my iPad/iPhone. It’s like magic.

So far I’m really impressed with the UI. It’s gorgeous and incredibly responsive. I need to spend time learning the keyboard shortcuts, but thanks to Brett’s LaunchBar interface, that’s not a high priority. I can see myself using LaunchBar for entries far more than any other option.

My only complaint with Day One is that sound effects should default to off, something that almost nobody does. Also – a small nit – the welcome screen advises that iCloud sync will be automatically enabled if you’re using Day One from an iCloud-compatible device. That’s only true if you’ve enabled Documents & Data in iCloud preferences. Otherwise, iCloud sync will not be enabled and, when you try to enable it, you’ll be advised to enable the Document & Data sync option before continuing. It’s a small thing, but Bloom Built strikes me as a company that sweats the small things. I don’t expect them to automatically modify sync settings (which is probably not possible nor advisable), but modifying the wording on their welcome screen seems appropriate.

With Brett’s scripts, I can see myself using Day One a lot. Time will tell. I haven’t been big on journaling in the past, but I’ve only used MacJournal and text files, neither of which I found particularly inspiring. With my current configuration, if I don’t journal, it’s my own fault because getting text into One Day is stupid easy.

(I wrote a Perl script to do what Brett’s Ruby script does because I don’t know Ruby and didn’t want to get dependent on something I can’t support. After finishing the script, I ditched it because Brett’s solution is cleaner and more sleek. If it breaks in the future that might give me the push I need to spend time learning Ruby.)

Now if Bloom Built would incorporate Momento’s capabilities, my journaling world would be complete.

P.S. I did not realize until today that Brett develops Marked. That makes me incredibly happy in spite of the obvious hit to my ego, because how stupid is that?