CSSEdit is Dead

CSSEdit is Dead

So, I’m offline for about 6 months moving across the state. Moving the family. Changing jobs. Helping the wife find a job. Getting the kid settled into a new school. High school, no less. Very frightening. Finding a new home. Moving in. Getting everything set up. Unloading boxes. Unpacking boxes. Moving furniture. It’s a lot of work. I’ve been busy.

And what have you guys been doing? Letting CSSEdit die, that’s what. I’m gone for 6 measly months and you frigging let CSSEdit die. How does that even happen? I mean, even TextMate has new life. Apps are being updated and upgraded all over the place. I’m busy and I can’t keep everything moving forward. Surely I can depend on you for one frigging thing. Just one thing.

But no. Obviously I overestimated your capabilities. Obviously this was beyond your reach. Your care. Your concern. Obviously I can’t count on anyone to do anything other than drink around here.

CSSEdit is dead. Gone. And I have only you to blame.

Way to go, dude.

Way to go.

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