OS X/iOS Journaling Applications

OS X/iOS Journaling Applications

This is not a comprehensive review of journaling software. It’s a brief overview of three applications, two of which I use and one I’m thinking about buying.

You won’t gain any great insight by reading this post. It’s more of a gripe than anything.

Here is a brief summary of the software.

MacJournal syncs with Dropbox (conditionally), is a desktop application, and has no mobile version. Update: They have separate iPhone and iPad versions available now. My bad.

Momento is a mobile-only app and doesn’t sync anywhere.

Day One has a desktop and mobile version, and syncs with Dropbox and iCloud.

I use MacJournal. Kind of. It’s actually overkill for what I need. I’m not crazy about the interface, but I can’t put my finger on why. Something about it is uninspiring. It makes me not want to write.

I love Momento more than I can say. It grabs all of my Internet activity and gathers it neatly into one place. However, I rarely create my own entries. I prefer to journal while I’m in front of my computer and, unfortunately, there’s no desktop version. It’s iOS-only. **sad trombone**.

While I haven’t played with Day One yet, it looks fantastic. Having both mobile and desktop versions puts it squarely in my sites. Unfortunately, it lacks the cool features of Momento, which makes it (for my purposes) a prettied-up version of MacJournal. However, the interface is nice and I can see myself using it more often. Maybe.

Dammit. Why can’t I have it all?!

I guess I can either keep my thoughts to myself or keep using 2 different programs. That’s a pain in the ass. Momento’s history is a glorious thing and it needs to be part of a more full-featured journal program.

d3i needs to develop a desktop version for Momento or Bloom Built needs to incorporate Momento’s capabilities into Day One. Whoever goes first is probably going to win big, because I can’t be the only person who wants this.