The Google Fallout Begins

The Google Fallout Begins

The fallout from Google’s recent Google+ search fiasco/decision has begun.

Brent Simmons:

Losing trust of its users may be the worst thing a search engine can do.

I’m trying Bing, which I never thought I’d do. It’s easy to switch: the search bar in Safari has a little menu where you can choose your search engine. You can switch back if you don’t like it.

I switched to DuckDuckGo Wikipedia page several months ago and, with a few exceptions, haven’t looked back. There have been times that DuckDuckGo doesn’t find anything. But when this happens, they helpfully provide you with something like the following:

DuckDuckGo No Results

That’s right. From their search results screen, you can easily search Google or Bing. Clicking More… brings up a menu of options that lets you focus your request.

From their main page, they have helpful instructions on how to add DuckDuckGo to whatever browser you’re running at the time. (Spoiler: For Safari, it involves installing Glims, which is awesome and you should probably check it out whether you like DuckDuckGo or not.)

I’m not completely satisfied with DuckDuckGo, but they’re good enough to get the job done most of the time. But seriously, moving from Google, because they’re not trustworthy, to Microsoft because … why? Since when is Microsoft more trustworthy than the guy who murdered your family? Have we so quickly forgotten?

And why is Bing suddenly the primary choice? Here is a list of 100 alternatives. And if that’s too many, here’s a list of 10 and here’s a list of several others (scroll down a bit).

If the masses are fleeing Google, so be it. But maybe it’s time we give this shot to someone who doesn’t have a known and provable history of screwing over the masses. Google started out as a scrappy, rag-tag team and grew into whatever it is today. Maybe instead of throwing our support behind yet another massive company, we could give some up-and-comers a shot at the title. Kind of like Rocky.