Blue Stahli's New Album is Now Available

Blue Stahli's New Album is Now Available

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Holy shit. Blue Stahli’s new album is now available. I’ve been a Blue Stahli fan since I first stumbled across his stuff back in the middle of 2009. His first album (oddly not available on Amazon), Antisleep Vol. 01, remains one of my favorites, and I’ve been fanboyishly buying every single he’s released since. His new album, the self-titled Blue Stahli, is availble on FiXT right now. It’s available as a CD ($12.00) or download ($9.90). The download will be available on Amazon ($8.91) and iTunes ($9.99) on March 15. That’s twelve very long days from now.

If you’re like me and have been buying the songs as they were released, you’ll find that you already own 6 of the 10 songs on the album. But, if you’re like me, you won’t care. It’s frigging Blue Stahli and there’s four songs I haven’t heard.

Here’s the track list according Amazon and iTunes (new songs are noted):

  1. Ultranumb
  2. Scrape
  3. Anti You
  4. Doubt (new)
  5. Corner
  6. Takedown (new)
  7. Kill Me Every Time
  8. Throw Away
  9. Metamorphosis (new)
  10. Give Me Everything You’ve Got (new)

Done and done. Go buy it.

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