Profile - Red Sea

Profile - Red Sea

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  • Profile: Red Sea

  • Members:

    • Robin Kyle Basauri (vocals)

    • Chris Howell (guitar)

    • Greg Chaisson (bass)

    • Jeff Martin (drums)

  • Discography

    • Blood, 1994
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Following the demise of Die Happy, Robin Kyle Basauri and Greg Chaisson (Badlands) teamed up with Chris Howell (Fear Not) and Jeff Martin to form Red Sea. Unfortunately, Blood would be their only album.

But what an album. It’s blues-based heavy metal at its finest, and Basauri might have the best set of pipes I’ve heard in a long, long time. Their sound is often compared to Whitesnake and Deep Purple. It’s truly an awesome album and it’s a crying shame the band didn’t get more publicity, support, and fans.

Unfortunately “Blood” is out of print and since Rugged Records went out of business, it’s not likely to see the light of day any time soon. You can usually find a used copy on eBay. Some how, I ended up with three copies of this CD. Yeah, I know, right? How does that even happen?

Fortunately, the album is available on YouTube. Here are the links:

For me, Blood is the standout song. However, Soulshaker, Wolves at the Door, Hellbound Train, and Tears of Joy are fantastic. Hell, the whole album is a diamond.

I have no idea what happened, but Basauri left the music scene and hasn’t returned. He’s been approached by people regarding reunions but he’s refused all offers. It’s a real shame because his voice is fantastic. I wish him all the best, but every day that he’s not performing, the world is being cheated of an incredible talent.

Anyway, Red Sea - Blood. Find it if you can. It’s a thing of beauty.