Kill Kristy - This is How You Make Fans

Kill Kristy - This is How You Make Fans

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After I posted Kill Kristy Rocks, I DM’d the band on Twitter to let them know. Shortly after, I received the following:

And then, before I had a chance to respond, I received this:

Now, if you’ve read my post, you know that it’s more of an “article” than an actual article. But Johnny understands the gig. You acknowledge fans. That’s how you build a business in this day and age. True, my blog reaches about 5 people (hi Mom!) and my Twitter feed reaches only a few more. But I took a few minutes out of my day to note how awesome Kill Kristy is, and Johnny wanted me to know that the band appreciated it. And he offered to send me a t-shirt for my efforts.

Okay seriously, Johnny has lost his mind, right? I spend about 5 minutes spewing out some fanboy bullshit, and he wants to send me a t-shirt? I figure they spent about $5 minimum per shirt and the shipping is going to be about $1.50 or so. Kill Kristy is dumping about $6.50 for my screed, which took about 5 minutes – tops – to write and post.

This is how you make and keep fans, people.

And to top it all off, when the shirt arrived, it arrived with the following:

Yeah, a frigging handwritten letter. And not some bullshit “you rock” letter written by some third tier fan support company robot. An actual letter from Johnny, written by hand, and he actually apologized for not having the shirt in my size. (And no, I’m not some hugely overweight fat ass. I asked for an XXL so my wife could sleep in it because she likes sleeping in big shirts. I’ll wear the XL, which is better for me and the band, so win-win.)

That’s reaching your fan base in a personal way. A way that matters. A way that builds true fans. Kill Kristy - Tell Your Friends. Go buy it. Now. It’s awesome, and I said that before I ever received a t-shirt.