2009 Postseason Predictions Review Update

2009 Postseason Predictions Review Update

My first set of predictions weren’t too far off. The Red Sox’s loss to the Angels was my only miss. I thought the Red Sox would snap out of their season-end decline once they hit postseason, but the Angels seriously manhandled them on their way to the 3-0 sweep. Boston’s pitchers were almost completely ineffective and, while Martinez did a good job covering for the benched Varitek, he never really hit his stride.

The Rockies played better than I expected but, with only 1 win in the series, were never much of a threat to the Phillies. Innings 8 and 9 of game 4 were incredible and my hat is off to the Rockies for putting up such an incredible fight. That said, the Phillies should’ve never been in that position. They’re a better team and only played their potential when their backs were against the wall. That attitude won’t bode well against the Dodgers.

So, heading into the A/NLCS, following are my predictions with the teams I’m rooting for in parenthesis.

  • Yankees > Angels (Yankees)
  • Dodgers > Phillies (Dodgers)

I think both series have the potential to be close and go either way. However, I don’t think the Angels are ready for the Yankees and, based on the Phillies’ struggles against the Rockies, the Dodgers should be able to take them to the mat. (Yay for wrestling metaphors in baseball talk!)