Hello Hey 9 O'clock

Hello Hey 9 O'clock

I’ve been playing with Google Voice for a couple of weeks now. I was one of the fortunate people who purchased GV Mobile before Apple ATT&T; had it removed from the App Store. Google Voice is one of the most useful tools and cool toys ever. The learning curve is very small, so you can get up and running quickly. It’s usefulness is only limited by your imagination.

One of the cool features is that it’ll email you a transcription of any voicemail you receive. Naturally, this involves speech-to-text conversion which is no where near a perfect technology and can sometimes produce hilarious results. Following is my transcription of a voice mail left by my wife (this is what she actually said):

Hey, it’s me. I was gonna tell that you they’ve evacuated the building … um … so it may look like i’m on ICQ. If I don’t respond that’s why, because I’m not in the building. Um. I don’t know what’s gonna happen so I guess I will just talk to you later. Love you. Bye.

And here’s the transcribed email Google sent:

Hi it’s me. I’m gonna tell he did send it back to you later in the building, hello hey 9 o’clock. I’m on the here at north on Antoine from the building. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. So I guess I will talk to you later. Love you bye.

Hello hey 9 o’clock. I love that.