Apple Dismisses Needless Complaint

Apple Dismisses Needless Complaint

According to Information Week:

Apple has withdrawn legal threats sent last year to Bluwiki, a public wiki hosting site that contained anonymously authored pages about creating software to synchronize Apple iPods and iPhones using media management software other that Apple’s iTunes.

This was a pointless waste of effort. Apple should just be glad that customers are interested enough to find new and interesting ways to use their product. Instead of a useless (and ultimately pointless complaint), Apple should have released a press release applauding the ingenuity and efforts the Bluwiki community was making.

I appreciate that Apple is concerned with the end-user experience, but they need to back off the “we control the experience regardless of what the customer wants” attitude. At the end of the day, what the customer wants is really all that matters.

And really, DCMA? Really? Contending that the DCMA prevents me from using a product which I’ve legally purchased in a manner that I want to use it is poor form. There’s no way that Apple comes out of this fight looking like anything other than controlling and pathetic. Apple should release a PR statement and apologize for acting like jerks. Their involvement in this situation is nothing short of embarrassing.