Nekkid iPhone

Nekkid iPhone

When I first purchased my iPhone, I purchased a clear acrylic case for it. I loved this case because it slid in and out of my pocket with ease. I hated it because it allowed dust to leak inside and the resulting mess was unsightly at best. Frigging nasty is a better phrase. Removing the phone from the case was a hassle but easy enough. Putting it back on was slightly more difficult and I was continually getting it wrong.

Last month, I bought an OtterBox case. It’s very nice in that it’s actually 2 cases. There’s a clear protection screen and a polycarbonate case. All of this resides inside a silicone skin which is advertised to absorb bumps and shock. I recommend the case but I’ve decided to stop using it.

First, the outer silicone skin makes it difficult to slide the phone in and out of my pocket. Second, removing the phone from the case is too much of a hassle. I use two different phone cradles: one in my car and one on my bike. In the case, my phone won’t fit in either cradle. So I’m continually disassembling the case and I hate that.

My iPhone rarely leaves my presence. It lives in the right thigh pocket of my 511 Tacticals, sits on my desk, coffee table or nightstand, or is in one of its cradles. The risk of a minor scratch or major damage is low (and in the case of major damage, I’m not sure any case would help).

So, I’ve decided to go caseless. The iPhone is such a sexy beast, wrapping it in a bulky case seems sinful to me. I may end up regretting the decision, but I love the ease with which I can slide it in and out of my pocket. Dropping it in its cradle is a snap. And short of dropping it, I don’t see any real downside.

Nekkid iPhone!