MarsEdit And Dropbox

MarsEdit And Dropbox

I found myself at the office today, staring at MarsEdit and realizing that the post I’d been working on was safely tucked away in the local drafts folder of MarsEdit on my home system. Frustrating. I jotted a quick to-do on RTM to remind me to find a way to make MarsEdit work with Dropbox later this evening.

When I got home and settled, I hit Google and found Justin Blanton’s site where he details how he accomplished this. His solution is to create a symlink in ~/Dropbox, but he ran into problems where one machine would randomly overwrite the symlink. Also, his solution requires that your username on both machines be the same. That’s probably not an issue for most people but it is for me.

My solution is a little more straightfoward, at least to my way of thinking. I moved the LocalDrafts folder to Dropbox and then create the symlink on my workstation. Following are the commands I used to accomplish this. If MarsEdit is running, quit the application before doing this.

$ mkdir ~/Dropbox/MarsEdit $ cd ~/Library/Application Support/MarsEdit/ $ mv LocalDrafts ~/Dropbox/MarsEdit $ ln -s ~/Dropbox/MarsEdit/LocalDrafts ./

After doing this, I fired up MarsEdit and my drafts were ready and waiting. I have no idea whether a future update of MarsEdit will break this. It’s certainly possible. If I suffer any ill effects, I’ll update this post.