My Favorite iPhone Apps

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Since I last wrote about the iPhone, Apple has addressed most of my reservations. Enough that I back in December I finally bit the bullet and bought the phone. It’s been a far more pleasant experience that I dared dream it might be.

I’ve picked up my share of apps, some useful and most not. So I thought I’d make a list of the ones that have served me well over the past several months. These are listed in no particular order and most of them are not free.

Facebook - This is essential if you use Facebook. If not, whatever.

Zenbe Lists - This an awesome app for keeping lists. You can share lists with others, which makes it a must have for people who collaborate. My wife and I use this to maintain a grocery list, which means that any time either of us are at the store, we always know what we need. We’re semi-looking for a new house, so it helps us track of MLS numbers. You can create as many lists as you want. The lists are accessible from the web interface too.

SaiSuke - This app lets you sync multiple Google calendars. My wife and I maintain several calendars and this app lets me track them all in one place. It’s indispensable.

Remember The Milk - This app requires that you pay $25.00 per year for a Remember The Milk (RTM) Pro account. I’ve used RTM for a long time and it’s one of the few web services I consider crucial. I’ve customized it for my personal GTD implementation. With this app, I immediately see what I need to do at the office, while running errands, etc. $25.00 seems like a lot until you consider that it’s the equivalent of $2.00 per month. That’s a small price to pay to always have your list of to-do’s available.

Tweetie - If you use Twitter, this is the app to have. (For what it’s worth, Tweetie for Mac is hands-down the best desktop Twitter app I’ve ever used.)

Google Mobile - This app is swiss knife. If you use any Google services, it’s your one-stop-shop. I use it primarily for the newsreader. The interface could use some work, but my complaints are nits. It’s very handy.

Simplify Media - Version 2.00 appears as Simplify Music 2. This app, when combined with the desktop application, allows you to stream your iTunes collection to your iPhone, wherever your at. I have around 25,000 songs, which is impossible to load to an iPhone. With this app, I always have access to my library. I can also create playlists on the fly. It’ll stream over 3G or wifi, which makes this purchase a no-brainer.

MLB At Bat 2009 - If you love baseball, this is a must have.

NY Times and Wall Street Journal - These two apps make keeping up with the news very easy.

Amazon Mobile - I do most of my shopping at Amazon, so I use this a lot. It’s also nice for price checking while I’m out shopping. I love that I can save items to my various lists from within the app too.

SnapTell - This app is fun to use. You take a picture of an item and it finds various online shops which sell that same item. This makes price checking fun.

There are several other apps I use, but I use these more often and more consistently. They’re definitely worth checking out.