Leopard First Impressions

Leopard First Impressions

I finally received my copy of Leopard from Amazon yesterday and started rolling it out today. As of right now, I only have the wife’s iBook to go. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it, so what follows is a brief overview.

On my MacBook Pro at work, I experienced the dreaded blue screen. Removing /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/ApplicationEnhancer.bundle took care of that problem. For some odd reason, all accounts other than root had been marked as non-administrative, so I had to login in as root to reset my userids correctly. Other than this, everything seems to be working fine.

On my MacBook Pro at home, everything worked fine except that I had to reboot (following the initial reboot) to get the wireless operational. The network looked fine, but it refused to query the DNS servers for name resolution. I could ping by IP address but not name. The reboot corrected the problem.

The Mac Pro (G5) installation was smooth, but I don’t believe the Mozy client has been updated yet. It’s giving me fits.

So, all in all, it was a smooth upgrade. I haven’t really kept up with all the new toys that Leopard provides, so I’m sure the next week or so will be equal parts education and frustration. Yay for learning. I am enjoying Spaces though. I just need to find a hot key combination that doesn’t interfere with TextMate.ßß