Red Motor Dog

Red Motor Dog

Red Motor Dog (MySpace, Amie Street) is a four-piece band hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland. Their sound is a weird mix of STP meets Lynyrd Skynyrd meets early, pre-suck Bush meets Motorhead, only they’re surprisingly more enjoyable than this sloppy description might lead you to believe.

Because they don’t have major label backing (a major plus in my book), it’s somewhat difficult to ferrit out any reliable information about the band. Their blog hasn’t been updated since October 3, 2006, although their MySpace page is actively maintained. There are a few fansites here and there, but nothing with extensive information.

Which means we’re left with the music. What kind of whacky world is it where we have to rely on a band’s music to speak to us … Fortunately, the music is incredible. Their EP, consisting of 5 songs, can be purchased from Amie Street for $3.24 (at the time of this writing). You can check them out there and at their MySpace page before you purchase. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.

Unless you hate STP, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Motorhead. Haha! I know. How weird would that be?

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