October 2007 Update 3

October 2007 Update 3

Wow. Someone needed to tell the Yankees that this was it. They looked like crap. Sure, Wang had some issues but he was gone by the end of the second inning. Mussina did a decent enough job. I have no idea why they pulled him in favor of Villone, but pull they did. And when did Farnsworth get so reliable? There’s like 2 pitcher we didn’t see. Still, the Yankees offense sucked. Simple and to the point, as painful as it is to write, they sucked.

I knew we were gonna lose when, in the 5th inning, I saw Posada. He was scared. Scared. You could see it in his eyes. We’re going down.

Yeah, we had a few questionable calls go against us. But we had a few questionable calls go in our favor as well. They were small but, hey, any port in a storm.

Playing the way they did tonight, there’s no way the Yankees could make it past Boston. The fact is, playing the way they did, the Yankees don’t deserve it. Period. This was the 14-games-behind Yankees, not the hungry-and-gaining-fast Yankees. Indians vs. Red Sox is going to be far more interesting than this Yankees team vs. the Red Sox. It’ll make for better baseball.

The Yankees. Where you’re only a winner if you bring home the ring. Anything less is not acceptable. Any other team … these guys would be considered heros … gods.

So congratulations to the Indians. You guys played an awesome series and good luck against Boston. You’re gonna need it, but you can do it. You can do it.

We’ve got a lot of good baseball coming up. It’s gonna be awesome!