October 2007 Update 2

October 2007 Update 2

Hey, how ‘bout those Yankees? They actually looked like a baseball team last night. Well, most of them did. Jeter and Posada need to kick it into gear.

It all started when Damon clocked out that three-run homer. But I just about fell out of my chair when Cleveland intentionally walked Matsui only to have Cano crack one into right field. That was sweet. Matsui was swatting balls fairly consistently though, so it’s not like it was a bad decision. But can loading the bases ever be considered smart? Of course, if Nixon hadn’t let Cano’s single get past him, Cano wouldn’t have been so lonely standing on third all by himself.

And A-Rod actually hammered in a decent single, hopefully breaking the mental barrier that’s had him hitting like a blind guy.

And Hughes - wow - did he turn in an awesome performance. He was burning batters left and right. And Joba “Bugs” Chamberlain did fairly well, allowing only one run. Rivera closed out the 9th with only 3 batters. Very well executed.

Game 4 is tonight with Wang opening. I can’t say I’m too excited about that, seeing as how Cleveland romped him for 8 runs in Game 1. Still, we’ll have Mussina if things go south again.