October 2007 - And So It Begins

October 2007 - And So It Begins

October is finally here and the MLB is down to eight teams. Here are the line-ups and my mostly worthless predictions.

Colorado at Philadelphia - While it’d be easy to write-off Colorado by saying “they’re only here because of a bad call from the ump in their one-off against San Diego,” that’d be a mistake. Colorado is a good team. But they’re not good enough to take the Phillies.

Los Angeles Angels at Boston - I like the Angels and, other than their glaring lack of a sense of humor, I enjoy watching Boston play. Admittedly, I haven’t kept too close of an eye on the Angels this year, but as a Yankee fan, I’ve watched Boston like a hawk. Based on this highly scientific methodology, I expect Boston to take this series.

Chicago Cubs at Arizona - The Diamondbacks are deadly but struggling with a few injuries. Chicago is fighting to keep it together and is under a spotlight of tremendous expectations from their fans. I think Chicago will come through and take the series.

New York Yankees at Cleveland - Naturally, this is the one I’m most interested in, and I really believe it’s likely to be the more interesting of the four series. Both teams are fairly healthy. Cleveland is unpredictable and has a very strong never-say-die ethic. The Yanks make the miraculous seem commonplace. I’m pulling for the Yanks, but the Indians scare me.

And there you have it: my worthless and meaningless predictions for Round One.