Rethinking Grossman

Rethinking Grossman

Yeah, the Cowboys routed the Bears this weekend. Three games into the season, I think it’s time to rethink Grossman. Yes, during the pre-season I was all for giving him more time. But that was pre-season and this isn’t. The Bears are now 1-2 and unless something changes, they’ll be 1-3 after Detroit uses them like an oil rag and wipes up Motor City with them.

I don’t think Chicago’s offense is the issue. Pound for pound, the offense has the talent to get the job done. When they click, they can kick it out with the best of them. Unfortunately, they’re not clicking. They’re clacking. Floundering around to the point of embarrassment. They lack focus. They lack leadership. Because there’s not a leader on the field.

That leader should be the quarterback, Grossman. But Grossman obviously isn’t stepping up and filling the role. I think it’s because he’s too focused on his own performance. He’s too busy trying to not screw up to address the leadership issues.

In 2006, Grossman threw for 20 interceptions and had 8 fumbles, for a total of 28 screw ups. Three games into 2007, he’s thrown 6 interceptions and fumbled once, for 7 total bummers. That’s 25% of his 2006 performance. As of week 3, he’s thrown approximately 30% of his total 2006 interceptions. Week 3. No wonder he can’t focus on being a leader.

Unless Lovie knows something the rest of the world doesn’t, he needs to bench Grossman until the guy can learn to be both a quarterback and a leader. Preferably at the same time.