Outlaw Country

Outlaw Country

Bob Lefsez, in Outlaw Country, writes:

You know all those acts that only wear denim, and wouldn’t fit in in Nashville because they don’t believe in God and don’t think President Bush is doing a good job? They’re all on Outlaw Country.

What about Willie, Bob? What about Waylon? Or, going way back, Buck Owens? You know, the guys who invented outlaw country? The guys who made it cool to not follow convention. Do you know anything about these guys? The guys who preached God and following your conscious. The guys who made it cool to follow what was right in spite of what the crowd thought. Granted, they were 30+ years prior to you discovering them, but they mattered. A lot. What about them, Bob? Do they not sound enough like The Eagles for you to get behind them and support them? Are they too old school for you? Have you even heard Lonesome, Orn’ry and Mean, Honky Tonk Heroes or Shotgun Willie? Do you even know who Tompall Glaser is?

If you don’t know Tompall, don’t talk to me about Outlaw Country, because you’re clearly a babe-in-the-woods, longing for some Eagles’ has-been-history that never existed.

If you don’t know Tompall, you don’t know Outlaw. STFU.

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