Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon offers Amazon Prime which gives you, for $79 per year, free 2-day shipping on most products they sell. I’ve never cared much about it because, when I order from Amazon, I’m not that particular about when the product arrives.

Until last night. I needed 2 books fairly soon, and Amazon had the best price and availability, although one book only showed 5 units in stock. I ordered the books and went about my evening.

Later, I checked my email and noticed that the books showed a ship date of September 30 with a delivery date of October 10. Both books were in stock and ready to ship. W…T…F…

I discussed this with my wife and we decided that because Amazon only had five of one book in stock that they were showing preferential treatment to the Prime customers. After all, if they only have 5 in stock, they have to earmark a certain number of any inventory in order to guarantee the 2-day shipment. Because you can sign up for a 30 day trial, I decided to test the theory, canceled my order, signed up for Amazon Prime and place my order again.

Long story, short … the two books I wanted have already shipped and have an estimated delivery date of Thursday, August 30. I think that speaks volumes.