Danzig Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

Danzig Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

Spin Magazine has an interview with Danzig where he gives the following explanation of his 2004 ass-whooping from a “fan”. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the clip. And here’s Danzig’s fantasy version:

“No one asks, ‘Why did you push him instead of nailing him right in the face?’ ‘Cause there’s a camera rolling! I have so many friends who’ve lost tons of money from that setup, punching people and getting sued. One of my guys a long time ago worked for GUNS N’ ROSES and he told me, ‘You’re lucky you’ve never been sued.’ He said Duff McKagan would go into these clubs, and a guy would have a friend there with a camera: ‘Hey, GUNS N’ ROSES pussy!’ [Strikes fist against palm, mimicking a punch] And they’d walk out. Next day, million-dollar lawsuit.”

Yeah, he’s so concerned about lawsuits that he threw the first push/punch. If a lawsuit is your primary concern, you wait for the other guy to lose his temper and throw the first punch. After all, the first one to throw a punch is the first one to run out of ideas (i.e., he’s the one with the lower I.Q.). What a douche. Look, Danzig makes good music. But he’s a tool, plain and simple. What a loser. Rock for the music, but not for the man. Because the man is a douche. (Oh, and a million dollar lawsuit … lol … that’s not what the guy was awarded, it’s just what he sued for. What was the final outcome of the lawsuit, Danzig? Did you follow it that far, or did you just settle for your roadie’s opinon?)

If you watched the video, you (along with every other right-thinking person) know that Danzig got his ass handed to him. He just can’t live down the legacy. L-o-o-s-e-r.

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