The Ill-Fated Mac Mini

The Ill-Fated Mac Mini

So, the Mac Mini received a bump today. As MacCentral notes:

Apple bumped up its Mac mini with faster Core 2 Duo processors and larger hard disks, but left the system otherwise unchanged in this modest refresh to its entry-level Mac.

Still, that’s not comforting. I’ve been looking to switch the boy’s system from an older Dell desktop to a Mac Mini for about a year now. It’s the last non-Apple desktop in the household. With today’s announcement, I’m more inclined to spring for a MacBook and a widescreen monitor as an alternative. He turns 11 this month, and I think that’s a decent age to start using a laptop. He’s been using his mother’s iBook for almost a year. Gruber sold me on it, though:

Jobs hates the Mini, so it got neither a mention during the event (until the Q&A;) nor a press release, but Apple did refresh it today. 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, still starting at $599. As for why Jobs hates it, think about his comments during the event making fun of Dell machines because of the all the cables you need to hook them up to displays and webcams. That all applies equally to the Mini.

I think he’s right. Jobs doesn’t like them (hate is such a strong word) and they’re on their way out.