eBay Sucks

eBay Sucks

I have this Alienware laptop for sale. It’s a piece of crap and I know it. I lay it out plainly and clearly. Nobody in their right mind would bid on this without knowing what they’re getting into. I put it up on eBay and set a reserve price of $200.00. Fifteen minutes prior the auction ending, it hits the $200 dollar mark. Cool. I can finally get rid of this thing, right?

At ten minutes prior to the end of auction, somebody bids $1,099. And at three minutes prior to end of auction, somebody bids $2,099.

WTF. My description is very clear. It’s a piece of crap. You really need to know and understand laptops to be able to get any use out of this thing. It’s got some life left in it, but please. $2,100? I don’t think so.

So, after spending 20+ minutes digging through their website, I email eBay. Can you please cancel the $1,099 and $2,099 bids so I can make a second offer to the $200 bid?

Approximately two minutes later, I receive an email from eBay stating that my auction had been canceled. Canceled. The bidders’ accounts had been compromised, and I need to contact eBay if I haven’t received a refund within seven days. All bidding history had been erased.

So now, here I sit, seven days out with no refund. I’ve gone from #3 in line to #13 to being disconnected to #9 in line. Dear god, eBay. I’m not this first person to have an auction canceled who has to remind you that I’m due a refund. Oh, I’m #7 now … maybe this time I’ll get through … Pray for me.

Update: It turns out that eBay never actually charged my credit card and zeroed my account balance. This directly contradicts an email I received from eBay stating that they were charging my card. Wow. Any way, back to the trenches …

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