Why I Dont Allow Comments

Why I Dont Allow Comments

Although I don’t really care too much for Dave Winer, he has a few ideas I agree with it. In particular, we agree on the subject of blog comments. This article sums it up quite nicely.

The way to give people freedom of expression is to give them a quiet place to post their ideas. If other people disagree, they’re welcome to do so… on their own blogs, where they have to take ownership of their words.

Emphasis added.

The email I receive from this blog is awesome. While I have to deal with a few people who are somewhat … unreasonable … for the most part, people are really cool. I’ve made more than a few friends and often receive email from them. This is the exchange I’d hoped for. Those who would post their trash anonymously I rarely hear from because sending an email involves a certain accountability. If people can’t take responsibility for their voice, I don’t care to hear it. And neither should you.

(Note: I have great respect for anonymity. It certainly has its place in both the ‘net and the U.S.A.’s history. This anonymity is not what I’m addressing in this post. I’m talking about the drive-by posts where people threaten and post trash that they’d never otherwise post were it not for the shield of anonymity. Posting brave ideas is one thing. Posting threats and garbage is something completely different.)

(Via Daring Fireball.)