DRM-Free Dark Side of The Moon Sales Surge 350%

DRM-Free Dark Side of The Moon Sales Surge 350%

According to Macworld UK:

EMI began selling its music in high-quality DRM-free format last month. It’s unrestricted catalogue is now available for sale from 7Digital and Apple’s iTunes. In future, EMI will sell DRM-free music through Amazon and PassAlong Networks.

Berkowitz said that initial success with DRM-free songs seems set to boost sales of digital albums, as well as songs. She confirmed that sales of the legendary Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon had increased since it shipped DRM-free - these are up 350 per cent.

Yes, if you build it the way the customer wants it, they will come.

Update: According to TheInquirer.net (which places Dark Side of the Moon’s increase “between 272 and 350 percent”):

According to Bloomberg, digital sales for other DRM free music increased by between 17 to 24 per cent. OK Go’s Oh No increased 77 per cent. Coldplay’s A Rush Of Blood To The Head jumped 115 per cent.

Sadly CD sales still are dropping down the toilet.

(Via Boing Boing.)