BitTorrent And Self-Publishing

BitTorrent And Self-Publishing

This is interesting.

BitTorrent Inc., the flagship organization for the broader file-sharing technology, is now planning a self-publishing platform on The plan … opens a fresh distribution opportunity for unsigned and independent artists. The self-publishing initiative will allow any artist to upload their content into the BitTorrent distribution and ecommerce platform, a mechanism best suited for larger bundles like albums and compilations. The platform is slated for release in late July, according to the executives.

The do-it-yourself concept is part of a broadening music initiative, though majors are mostly on the sidelines. The reason … is that tricky DRM requirements are causing deal-making delays.

I wouldn’t say the majors are on the sidelines. I don’t even think they’re at the game. And until they figure it out, sales will continue to decline.

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