NetNewsWire 3.0

NetNewsWire 3.0

NetNewsWire 3.0 has been released. Depending on certain eligibility requirements, it may be a free upgrade for you. Basically, if your NewsGator Online Premium Package is still active, it’s free. Click the Upgrade link on this page for more details. That page also states:

You will need to download NetNewsWire and copy the application to your Applications folder, replacing your current copy of NetNewsWire.

When you first run NetNewsWire 3.0, you will see the activation assistant.

  • NetNewsWire will display your serial number at the start of the activation assistant.

  • If you already have a NewsGator Online account, choose I have a NewsGator online account and enter your account credentials.

  • If you don’t have an account, choose Create a NewsGator online account for me and the activation assistant will walk you through creating one.

The activation assistant never started for me and I haven’t yet located how to make it start. However, NNW did refresh all of my subscriptions. It didn’t remember which theme I’d been using, so I had to reset that.

So far it’s working flawlessly. I’m looking forward to using the reports to help me weed out subscriptions which either haven’t been updated in a while or that I rarely spend time reading. Just as Brent Simmons said in a recent interview with TUAW, I’m looking to reduce the number of feeds I deal with.

Update: I contacted NNW’s tech support and was told that version 3.0 is a silent upgrade. Apparently the instructions on their website are out of date.

I’ve already pruned my list of daily reading by 10 sites. Yay for progress!