Nighwish's New Singer

Nighwish's New Singer

On Thursday, Nightwish announced 35-year-old Swedish singer Anette Blyckert (a.k.a. Anette Olzon) as their new singer. They also released their latest single, Eva. Suffice it to say, she’s awesome and I’m really excited about Nightwish’s future. Anette strikes me as being very fan-friendly, upbeat and lively. She’s almost the anti-Tarja Turunen. (See here for background). As you can hear in Eva and the song samples below, the lady has some pipes.

I think Nightwish made a wise decision in picking Anette. Her vocal styling takes the band in a parallel direction but makes comparisons with Tarja meaningless.

If you like Evanescence, you’ll really like the new Nightwish, but in my opinion, Nightwish is Evanescence +1. Musically, they are far superior.

Nightwish isn’t well known in the US, but they’re apparently very well known in the rest of the world. The thing that strikes me most about this interview with Anette is that Tuomas, the group’s founder, owns his own island. I can’t think of many recent US acts that have fared as well. Apparently, metal is alive and well on planet Earth, once you get outside the US.

Here are a few songs samples from Nightwish’s upcoming album they’ve posted on their website. 7 Days to the Wolves sounds like it’s going to be awesome.