Mozy release a beta version of their Mac client today. I’ve never used online backup services before, and since they offer 2gb free, I figured I’d give it a try. Installation is straightforward, and after picking the applications and files I wanted to back up, I was on my way. Almost. Before and after the configuration, Mozy performs a scan of the files on your computer, and this can take a little while. Still, it was fairly unobtrusive. After that finishes, the backup begins. While it’s a slow process, it never got in my way.

Once home, I was able to login to their website and request a restore. After doing so, I was given a message telling me that I’d receive an email once the file was ready. I was also given the option of ordering the restore on a DVD and having it shipped overnight via FedEx. It’s a nice touch, but at a cost of $29 for the DVD and $30 shipping, it’d better be.

A little while later, I received my email. Logging back into the website, I found a DMG file waiting to be downloaded. Once down, it was just a matter of mounting the DMG and dragging my files into place.

All in all, it’s a pleasant experience and it’s nice knowing that I have a minimal offsite backup of my more important files.

Update: Every time you choose the Configure Mozy option, it performs the system scan. After testing a few different configurations, this gets real old_. It’s somewhat processor intensive and definitely a time suck. I expect this will be fixed once it’s out of beta.