Amazon Steps In It

Amazon Steps In It

While simultaneously promoting itself as an enabler of Web 2.0 technologies – the web as a platform, Amazon (technically Alexa) is suing Statsaholic.

ZDNet notes:

Who can blame (Bezos) for being uncomfortable? Here he is sitting in a room full of small developers who depend on open APIs and mashups, and at any moment the crowd could learn what Bezos already knew…that a small Web 2.0 developer, like many in the audience, was about to be legally spanked into oblivion to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Techdirt and Mashable! have more on the story.

It can take years for a company to be seen as cool, but it can all be lost in a second. This might be Amazon’s time.

While Alexa looks on the surface to have a pretty strong case, it is Alexa and really Amazon who loses in the court of public opinion, as it becomes harder and harder to sell your services to people who could likely earn your ire.