Google Desktop And Caching

Google Desktop And Caching

Google Desktop finally makes its debut on the Mac. While I haven’t installed it, the following is more than enough to keep me from it for a while. Brian at notes:

. . . I ran the test again with a file called “morerandomgobbledygook,” deleting it after I created it and confirmed that Google Desktop had indexed it. As you would expect, after I emptied the trash, it didn’t show up in my search results. But all I had to do was go back into the Preference pane and re-enable “Display results for deleted documents” . . . Then, by gosh, running that search for “morerandomgobbledygook” brought that cached file right up . . .

In other words, Google Desktop keeps a record of files and file contents even after you delete the file. While that might be desirable some of the time, I can think of about ten different scenarios off the top of my head where it could be very problematic. This should be optional. Absolutely.

(Via MAKE Magazine.)

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