Not Easy Enough

Not Easy Enough

Bob Lefsetz wrote:

Well you might say that if DRM is removed, you can buy the tracks ANYWHERE! But then you’ve got to import them into your iTunes library. Believe me, I’m on the phone with the computer-illiterate, this is a baffling enterprise to so many.

I don’t understand what’s so difficult about drag-and-drop. You purchase and download the MP3s, navigate to the folder where the MP3s are located, select them all, then drag and drop them into iTunes. Am I missing something?

Does it really need to be more simple than this? Surely the user bears some responsibility for learning to use the tools. We don’t let people hop behind the wheel of a car and start driving without expecting them to first undergo some basic training regarding the operation of a vehicle. Why does that same expectation not exist with regards to computers?

What’s so difficult about drag-and-drop?

Edit: Lefsetz hasn't posted this to his blog yet. I received the above-referenced comment from his email list. Once his blog is updated, I'll add the link. Updated.