Goombah Day 5

Goombah Day 5

Yay for free time. Let’s see what Goombah has to offer us today. It looks like five songs from 3 artists, none of whom I’ve heard of.

Tight Bros From Way Back When - Hurricane (Amazon) The song starts with a heavy metal/hard rock feel, then quickly explodes into a punk mess. I can see this being good, but the production value is crap. Too much in the high register. The vocals and guitar continually clash. It’s almost a good song, but not quite.

Goombah: 0, Pessimism: 1

Tight Bros From Way Back When - Nose in the Corner (Amazon) This is an borderline punk. It wants to be punk, but it’s hard rock with a little shuffle beat thrown in for good measure. It almost works, too. I can see myself liking this after a few listens. Maybe.

Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 1

Born Against - Mt. Dew (Amazon) More punk. Actually, hardcore. It’s ok, but nothing special.

Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 2

Jud Caswell - Up Through The Snow (Amazon) This is folk. I don’t normally like folk. I dig John Gorka but otherwise ignore the genre. This is a bad rip, too. The vocals and guitar are distorted, which really increases the suck factor. Actually, the entire MP3 is distorted. Gah. I might actually like this song. I’m not counting this one. It’s not Goombah’s fault the MP3 is crap.

Jud Caswell - Transistor Radio (Amazon) Same guy, same album. Better MP3. Did I mention that I don’t really like folk? There’s a lot of talent here, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 3

Sleater-Kinney - Burn, Don’t Freeze(Amazon) This is … well, it’s different. It’s not something I’d ever buy. Or listen to again.

Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 4

Goombah took it on chin this time. This is the worst its done since I started this experiement. I’m hopeful for the next group, but today’s recommendations make me a little sad.

Running Totals Goombah: 21 (60%) Pessimism: 14 (40%)