Posting Issue Solved

Posting Issue Solved

Since WordPress 2.1, I’ve been unable to make posts using TextMate. Once I hit ⌃⌘P, TextMate would hang and I’d have no choice but to Force Quit. Unsure what the problem might be, I downloaded and made a test entry with MarsEdit. It produced the following:

Curious. MarsEdit’s RPC console didn’t reveal anything obvious. Daniel Jalkut (MarsEdit’s developer) pointed me to, which produced the following equally unhelpful information:

2007-03-13 16:35:12.904 MarsEdit[489] HTTP download error – Domain: POSIX Type: Connection reset by peer – URL: //xmlrpc.php code: 54

Apache’s log files were even less helpful, only confirming that, yes, it had received a request from my IP address.

Once home that evening, I modified my /etc/hosts file to point to the internal private IP address of my server. Success! I managed to make a post. At this point, I figured it must be a networking issue between my office and the house. However, when I attempted to get a listing of previous posts, MarsEdit would again display the error message. So … wtf?

On a hunch, I created new blog. I could post to it and retrieve previous posts with no issues. Hmmm, thought I, it must be a plugin issue. Yes, sometimes I’m just this slow. (To my credit, it’s been a hellish week at the office.)

I disabled all of the plugins and began turning them on one-by-one, testing MarEdit’s Refresh after each. Soon, PHP Markdown emerged as the culprit. I checked the website, installed the latest version, and still no joy. Fortunately I don’t use this plugin often. More fortunately, I can once again post remotely.

And I’m pleasantly surprised with MarsEdit. Daniel’s attitude while helping me, even after it was apparent that the problem was not MarsEdit, was incredibly refreshing. Throughout it all, he stayed positive, upbeat, curious and concerned. That’s the kind of developer I can easily support, and I gladly plunked my money down. So now I’ll be using MarsEdit + TextMate for blogging. It’s an awesome combination.