Daniel Cartier Reponds

Daniel Cartier Reponds

On Goombah Day 3, I reviewed Daniel Cartier’s song What’s It Gonna Be? Today, I received the following email:

From: Daniel Cartier

To: Hargrove, Stephen

Subject: thank you

It took me forever to find this e-mail address.

I do hope this is the same Stephen Hargrove who wrote about me on his blog. If it’s not the same Stephen Hargrove, I apologize profusely.

But I’m assuming it is.

I’m sorry you found my song “What’s It Gonna’ Be” (about being gay bashed) to be “pretentious and boring”. I’m sorry on many levels…seeing as I dedicated it to Matthew Shepherd and was also violently gaybashed myself. The experience of having 6 huge guys smash a rock over my head and put me in the hospital was most defiantely NOT boring…

next time I’ll try harder to please everyone…incliuding idiots like yourself.

Good day Daniel Cartier

You’re welcome. I think.

Apart from boring and pretentious, the song is also completely forgettable. Other than my post about the song, I don’t remember a thing about it. However, I would like to take this time to clarify something.

My Goombah review’s are not in-depth, nor are they commentary on the worthiness of any particular song. Goombah is a music recommendation service, and while I make comments on each of the recommended songs, the recommendations are the focal point. In other words, my comments regarding a particular song are aimed at the accuracy of the recommendation. Based on a review of my music library, Goombah recommends a song. Do I like the song? That’s the whole point. If I don’t like the majority of what Goombah is recommending, the service is worthless. If I do, then the service is worthwhile.

So while I may slag a particular song, it’s not a reflection of the song. It’s a reflection of my tastes compared to Goombah’s recommendations. I listen to each song twice, at most. And I’m usually writing while I’m listening, which means I’m not focusing on the depth and meaning of the songs. My reviews are more along the lines of It’s got a good beat and makes me happy. There’s no reflection on any included social commentary. They are very much “first impression” oriented.

So, while I’m sorry some neanderthal goons felt the need to injure you (and I do empathize with your situation), my review touches on neither the substance nor the social worthiness of your song. I didn’t like the song. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the message you’re trying to convey. It only means that I didn’t like the song.