Goombah Day 4

Goombah Day 4

Now that my system is stable and hard drive issues seem nothing more than a fading memory, I can finally get back to my music library. Which brings us to Goombah Day 4. Today we have 5 songs from 3 different artists, which statistically speaking doesn’t bode well for increasing Goombah’s overall average. But, statistics be damned. Let’s get into the music.

C Average - Buckler (Amazon) I’ve never heard of these guys, but eMusic has a mini-bio on them which is enough for now. This song is an instrumental which, as I’ve mentioned, usually doesn’t do much for me. But this one is good. There’s no blazing guitars. It’s just solid rock and roll and leads you to continually expect the vocals to explode in. While that never happens, the song is a real showcase for how solid these guys are. Score! Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 0

C Average - Autofac This comes from the album Mailorder Freaks Singles Club 2/98, which is available at This one has vocals and on the first listen, I found myself longing for the previous instrumental. However, there’s a certain Kurt Cobain quality to the vocals, so if you dig Nirvana’s earlier less-commercial stuff, you’ll most likely dig this. Goombah: 2, Pessimism: 0

Lang Lang - Etude Op. 8, No. 3 in B Minor (Amazon) Yeah. If you like classical music, you’ll dig this. I happen to occasionally enjoy a little Rachmaninoff with my whiskey. Goombah: 3, Pessimism: 0

Lang Lang - Islamey (Oriental Fantasy) This is a live recording and the guy is all over the piano. I dare you to not be impressed. You don’t even have to enjoy the music to be blown away by the skill. Goombah: 4, Pessimism: 0

Two Ton Boa - Cash Machine (eMusic) The genre says Alternative & Punk, and while I hear a lot of Alternative, I don’t hear any Punk. I can see this song either growing on me or getting on my nerves really soon. The music is engaging but the vocals don’t do much for me. In the right mood, I’d probably love this. It’ll likely have a high skip count but it’ll stay in my library. While I can’t say I love the song, I definitely can’t say that I don’t like it. Goombah: 5, Pessimism: 0

Wow. 5 and 0. I didn’t see that one coming. I really expected to break even today, but Goombah really came through. I’m impressed.

Running Totals Goombah: 20 (67%) Pessimism: 10 (33%)