Dvorak Has Irrational Fears

Dvorak Has Irrational Fears

I don’t normally, in this blog or any I’ve written in the past, write about John Dvorak because I think his articles are typically nothing more than flamebait. However, Gruber over at Daring Fireball points to his recent article wherein he displays an irrational fear of not being able to recover a lost file from a Mac. Dvorak writes:

I always felt that if something weird happened on a Mac I would never be able to recover a file. I’ve never felt that way with a PC. I figured that with a PC, I could take the hard disk out and easily put it into another machine and then go exploring the drive without worry.

And this, of course, touches on the exact scenario I’m currently dealing with on my Mac Pro. So, to alleviate Dvorak’s fears, here’s how I (teh Mac n00b) addressed the situation:

  1. Realize that files are missing;
  2. Turn on the USB backup drive;
  3. Locate appropriate files on backup and drag to appropriate location on Mac Pro;
  4. Realize that more files are mysteriously vanishing;
  5. Put Installation CD into CD drive;
  6. Reboot to CD;
  7. Run hardware diagnostics and verify hardware is functioning correctly;
  8. Run verify/repair file permissions and disk;
  9. Realize that files are still mysteriously vanishing;
  10. Shutdown Mac Pro;
  11. Shutdown computer running Windows;
  12. Remove spare SATA drive from Windows system;
  13. Bring Windows system back online;
  14. Drop SATA drive into Mac Pro;
  15. Bring Mac Pro back online;
  16. Run Disk Utility and erase/partition new drive;
  17. Run SuperDuper! and clone the old hard drive to the new drive;
  18. Boot to new drive;
  19. Run Disk Utility and erase/partition old drive;
  20. Run SuperDuper! and clone the new hard drive to the old drive;
  21. Reboot to old drive;
  22. Repeat Steps 2 and 3.

Granted, I’m currently on Step 20 and am unsure about the success of this little venture. Still, I find it difficult to believe that someone who has been in the industry as long as Dvorak has would have a difficult time with these steps. It’s not brain surgery. It’s adding a hard drive and running a few programs. Come on, man. This is either more flamebait or Dvorak is nothing more than a poser. Or both.

Update: The steps listed above worked perfectly.

Edit: Removed link to Dvorak’s article because he’s a jackass.