Apologies to MacMP3Gain

Apologies to MacMP3Gain

Let me make this clear: MacMP3Gain did not cause me to lose any files or songs. I’ve got something funky going on with my filesystem. I ran hardware diagnostics and everything came up clean, but when I ran Disk Utility the filesystem had a lot of errors. I repaired the disk and it checked clean, but I’m still losing files. I’m not sure what the issue is. I only seem to be losing files in iTunes. When I do a ?I on any song, iTunes reports it as missing. And the songs are actually gone. As of now, it appears that I’ve lost my entire Girlschool collection.

I’m currently dumping some hard-to-replace files to a USB hard disk. Once this finished, I’m going to install a second SATA drive in the hopes of getting a backup of the files I currently have. After (if) the backup completes, I guess I’ll reinstall the OS and then restore from the backup. It’s the only thing that makes any sense to me right now.


Update: SuperDuper! is currently backing up the failing 160GB drive to the 150GB drive. If this works, I may sacrifice 10GB and set these disks up as a RAID1. In an astounding (or not so, depending upon your mindset) coincidence, MacSales is offering a Maxtor 500GB 7200RPM SATA 3.5” with 16MB Cache for $133.99. A 500GB RAID1 for less than $300 is an epic temptation. And yeah, based on Gruber’s recommendation, I’m considering DiskWarrior as well.

I’m really bummed about Girlschool, but at least I’ve been faithfully backing up my iTunes library. Have faith, ladies! You’ll be back in rotation soon!